Best Vacuum for Bed Bugs [Reviews in 2020]

Vacuum for Bed Bugs
Vacuum for Bed Bugs

Have you found creepy crawlies on your beds, mattresses, and different other sites? Those are bed bugs, the nasty pests hiding not only in beddings but also in cracks and crevices. You may have thought of removing all the things, infested with bed bugs.

However, never make that mistake. Use a vacuum cleaner and keep away from these bed bugs. Instead of using chemical sprays and insecticides, you may choose a vacuum cleaner as the safest choice.

The best vacuum for bed bugs also helps you in preventing the infestation of other mites. After spending much time on different vacuum cleaners, we have the most reliable models for you.

Why You Should Need the best vacuum cleaner for bed bugs 

Maintain sanitation in your house

Although you have bought vacuum cleaners with bugs, these systems are best for keeping up hygiene in your home. Designed with the latest UV radiation technologies, vacuum cleaners help in breaking down molecules of mites and DNA of bed bugs.

That is why the vacuuming system can easily suck away those pests from beddings and mattresses. Moreover, the vacuuming device produces hot air that helps with proper sterilization of the treated surface.

It also kills viruses and bacteria effectively. Thus, vacuuming is the best option to remove bugs and maintain cleanliness.

We have more reasons for choosing a vacuum to clean bed bugs.

  • Eliminate a big cluster of bed bugs with minimal effort
  • Remove insecticide-resistant mites and bugs
  • Minimize the use of insecticide in the highly infested surfaces that need repeated treatment
  • Control the infestation of bed bugs in different materials and sites where insecticides are not the safest options
  • Remove dead bugs, dirt, debris, and shed skins with proper vacuuming process

Vacuums are portable devices

Handheld vacuums have made it very easy to take them to different sites of your homes. The longer power cords are also reachable to any of your chosen sites. Furthermore, the best branded vacuum for bed bugs is a lightweight device, and you do not need to apply much energy to use it.

Top-rated vacuum cleaners for bed bugs

1. Dibea Bed Vacuum Cleaner Corded

Dibea has offered a high-quality corded cleaner for vacuuming your bed. The length of its cord is 14.7 feet, and it helps you in accessing different sites for cleaning purposes. This vacuum cleaner is somewhat lightweight, as it weighs only 4.1 lbs.

The integrated motor system is highly powerful, working with high-frequency vibrations that can cover 33000 cycles every minute. You can easily remove dust, from your bed sheets, pillows, couches, mattresses, and toys.

Besides, the S-type brush is another notable feature of the cleaner. The soft roller brush with outlet and inlet cotton filters does not affect your silk and cotton bed sheet.

The technologically advanced vacuum cleaner has a highly efficient UV lamp to remove dusts, bacteria, bedbugs DNA, and allergens. The in-built 6 stage HEPA filtration system sucks in tiniest particles in the air.

The manufacturer has used the smartest technology for designing this vacuum cleaner. The electronically controlled induction helps in preventing leakage issues. The dustbin that comes with this device has a capacity of 400 ml.

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  • Easy to use
  • Handheld design
  • Long cord
  • High suction power


  • Stationary head

2. Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

When you are looking for a low-budget vacuum cleaner for bed bugs, you can choose this product. However, this low price has not caused a compromise over quality and functionality. By analyzing the handheld design, we have found that it is very compact with a weight of 4.5lbs. The high-capacity dust collector can hold a content of 200ml.

This dust mite vacuum cleaner comes with an upgraded UV light that works better than a standard UV vacuum cleaner. The manufacturer has claimed that the device can kill more than 99.7% bed bugs, microorganisms, and mites.

Housmile has integrated different filtration systems into the device.The HEPA filter can trap 99.98% of dust particles and keep the air free of allergens. Thus, you can clean bug-infested mattresses and lots of other things.

The uniqueness of the device lies in its activated carbon filtration system, present in the air outlet. This system helps in the effective blocking of pollution level. However, make sure that you have fully charged the device’s battery before starting to use it.

The high-rotating frequency of the system is 6000 Cycle/Min, while the suction power is 10.5KPa.

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  • Quality rotating brush with infrared protection
  • Includes indicator light
  • Quiet operation


  • Not right for those looking for cordless vacuum

3. Housmile 804 Anti Dust Mites UV Vacuum Cleaner

Are you looking for a vacuum designed only for removing mites and bugs? Then, you can pick this product as the best vacuum for bed bugs hiding your carpets, sofas, pillows, and mattresses. Its UV Tube (253.7nm) sterilization technique is highly effective for killing microorganisms, mites, and bacteria.

While the UV sensors have touched an object, you can find the light becoming activated.

The carbon filter of the device is twice activated to ensure the best result. However, there is also a HEPA filtration system to keep the air fresh. The vibration process has a higher frequency of about 3800 times/min. As the suction power is 8.5KPa, it can easily attract mites on the surface.

Now, in terms of design, we can say that this vacuum cleaner is compact and portable with a weight of 2.81Ib. The dust-collecting chamber has a capacity of 160ml.

Overall, we have found that this innovatively designed vacuum values your investment with its best performance.

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  • HEPA filtration
  • UV Tube sterilization
  • Double Powerful Suction
  • Lightweight


  • Glowing issue of the light

4. Dibea 15Kpa Powerful Suction UV Vacuum Cleaner

With an effective suctioning capacity, this vacuum cleaner has become popular with lots of buyers. Buy this device to kill and remove bed bugs and mites from your upholstery, carpets, and bed mattresses.

The dusting brush that helps in eliminating dust allergens, bugs, and allergens has a pulsating pad. The manufacturer has mentioned that it has a suction power of 15Kpa.

The cleaner relies on the HEPA filter that traps tiny microorganisms and debris. Your mattress, carpets, and other surfaces will be free of allergens. You can easily remove this filter and clean it regularly. In addition, UV quartz sterilization also has an efficiency of cleaning your fabrics.

There is no risk in using the device, as it is a GS safety certified product. The UV light can stop its function automatically while you have lifted the system over 30 degrees. Moreover, it does not cause damage to your skin.

The cord length of 14.7 feet is standard, and the weight of the device is 3.96 lbs. The bin can hold allergens and dust of about 500mL.

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  • Properly controlled vibration
  • Easily cleanable HEPA filter
  • Ensure your safety


  • Slightly heavy

5. Housmile Upgraded 836 UV Cleaner

We have chosen another vacuum cleaner from Housemile with a highly powerful suction capacity. It is one of the latest models, having an upgraded UV vacuum cleaning system. Its suction power can reach up to 12Kpa.

Moreover, a UV tube of 253.7nm is highly efficient in removing allergens. Hot air with a temperature of 130F can control the pollution. However, this device is especially designed for bug elimination and not for dust absorption.

The power cord is very long, as it is about 16.4ft. The advanced telescopic handle is another feature, preventing you from bending your body at the time of cleaning. The HEPA filtration system, integrated into this vacuum cleaner, can capture more than 99% of particles.

The filtering section is much large, and it minimizes the chance of being blocked by bigger dirt particles. The dust chamber has a capacity of 400ml. Clean the filter of your vacuum to keep up its performance.

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  • Compact vacuum
  • Micro-motion safety wheels
  • UV indicator light


  • The handle has to be durable

6. RAYCOP LITE UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum

Raycop has used patented technology to manufacture this vacuuming system. The innovative RayClean Technology has the potential of removing dust mites, bacteria, and pollens. When compared to the conventional suctioning process, this technology can remove three times more allergens.

RayClean has combined different systems to give you the best result. Pulsating pads help in loosening and lifting particles, while UV light affects the ability of dust mites to grow. These pads have a vibrating capacity, ranging from 4,600 to 5,000 times every minute.

Moreover, fabrics of your carpet and mattresses do not affect the performance of the suction system. In addition, the HEPA filter has a dual filtration capability, ensuring no release of allergens into the air.

Most of the users have claimed that this vacuum cleaner is easy to use and compact in size. The system does not have a brush, and there is one suction mode. You can carry the cleaner without much effort, as it weighs only 4lbs.

Within a few seconds, the vacuuming device can absorb pollen, viruses, and bacteria. Use it once every week, and you can eliminate allergens and bugs from your home.

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  • Advanced technology
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Removes bacteria and viruses


  • A bit slow

7. Make Lemonade UV Dust Mite HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

When you are looking for a battery-operated vacuum cleaner, we have chosen this product for you. Keep your pets and kids safe by cleaning their beds, clothes, curtains, mattresses, and coaches. The integrated lithium battery needs charging for 3 to 4 hours, and then, you can use the device for 20 minutes. As it is a portable vacuum cleaner, you can take them to any place.

The sleek and elegant looking vacuum cleaner has a detachable HEPA filter that can trap pet dander and bacteria. UV sanitation technology is also effective for removing bacteria within a very short time.

The brushless motor comes with vibrating pads to remove allergens and microorganisms within 5 seconds. Thus, you can rely on this cleaner as an eco-friendly cleaning solution. The package includes a charging base and a vacuum. At a reasonable price, you will get the best vacuum for bed bugs.

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  • Cordless design
  • Replaceable filter
  • Faster charging


  • Slow to use.

How to choose the right vacuum for bed bugs

Buying the best vacuum cleaner for bed bugs is not easy without some tips. We have now helped you to find the right vacuum cleaner that not only eliminates bugs but also traps dust in the air.

A vacuum is a versatile solution, as it serves different purposes. You have to focus on a few factors to purchase your vacuum cleaning system.


Ease of use is one of the most important things for beginners. It may be the first time you are using a vacuum cleaner. Most of these electronic items come with disassembled parts.  However, without a user manual, you may not be able to assemble them to start using the device for removing pesky bugs.

The best vacuum cleaners are also easy to use, and you can learn the way of operating them after reading the manufacturers’ instructions. Attach the parts rightly to your vacuum cleaner and get the utmost value from it.

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner

A device with stronger suction power can capture dirt very effectively. Thus, its power can penetrate layers of dust, ensuring the desired result.

As your mattresses and other surfaces have bed bugs, you may need to find the vacuum with a quality suctioning system. The device can capture these bugs and trap them in its dustbin.

The capacity of dust bin

The vacuum cleaner not only removes bugs and allergens but also collects them in its dustbin. You must not keep this bin open to empty it.

It will cause dirt to scatter over different places. Thus, make sure that the bin has a capacity of accommodating a high amount of dust particles. The big-sized bin eliminates the need for cleaning it frequently, and you can continue using the device smoothly.

Buying Guide Of the best quality vacuum for bed bugs

Now, let us present you with a brief guide to help you in buying the right vacuum for solving bed bug issues.

Attachments that come with vacuum cleaner

Although your vacuum cleaner is highly functional, the manufacturers add some accessories to the device. With these attachments, you can easily reach the system to nooks and corners, where bugs remain hidden. For instance, you may need to clean a site near your ceiling. You cannot hold your device up to reach that spot. In this case, a dusting brush attachment is essential to simplify the task.

Application of the device on different flooring surfaces

You may need to use a vacuum cleaning device for mattresses and other surfaces. The best vacuum enables you to roll on the brush based on the type of surface. It ensures that the system will not cause scratches to the floor surface. When you make a transition from a mattress to a carpet, you will not face an issue.

Durability, longevity, and source of power

Both design and functionality are important for a vacuum cleaner buyer. Handheld models with cordless systems are easy to carry and move to any place. As they are battery-operated appliances, you have to check for the details of the rechargeable battery.

However, some vacuum cleaners are corded systems, and in that case, you need to know the length of the cord. You must also check the amount of power needed to operate the vacuuming device.

Quality of motor is another notable thing about your vacuum cleaner. The best motors do not get hot during your use. You have to make sure that the motor performs its functions without making an annoying noise.

User Guide Of the vacuum cleaner for bed bugs

The reliable vacuum cleaner manufacturers have made their products user-friendly to ensure your convenience. They have also provided you with a manual to help you in using the device properly. Without the right technique of operating the machine, you may not find the ultimate effectiveness of the cleaning process.

That’s why we have given you tips on how to get the best out of a vacuum cleaner. To trap lots of bugs, you must

  • Choose the highest suction power level and use a simple crevice tool that targets some stubborn spots
  • Never press your device hard when it is a fabric
  • Seal the nozzle while taking it to a different site to prevent the escape of bugs
  • Remove these bed bugs and mites from your vacuuming device after every use
  • Avoid the contact of water with electrical components of your device
  • Use a plastic bag for covering your dirtbag to keep the dust from scattering to any place.
  • Cleanse the filter regularly or purchase a new one

We have more tricks on the vacuuming process to enable you to get the desired outcome.

Removing bugs from your fabrics

When you are vacuuming your mattress, you can start your process from the top section. Moreover, you must give more focus on the seams of your mattresses, as those parts attract dead skin, dirt, and other contaminants. For thorough cleaning of a mattress and upholstery, you can choose a vacuum with a UV disinfection system. This device works best to treat the flat surfaces.

Now, you may follow this guide to use your vacuum cleaners. Although manufacturers have provided tips and instructions for users, we have presented you with some important facts. You will find it easy to use the cleaner.

Top Features Of The best vacuum for bed bugs

Bag or bag-less vacuum cleaner

While searching for vacuum cleaners, you can find two categories- bag and bag-less. However, from different reviews, we have noticed that most of the users prefer the bag-less model.

The best feature of this model is that you can detach the vacuum from the container system. Still, you may try out bag designs due to their capability of holding dust in a better way. When you have allergies from pet fur and dust, you can choose the bag designs for your purpose.

UV lights and filters

For those who are allergic to dust and pet hairs, filters are the most notable things to ensure a successful vacuum cleaning process.

Now, to buy a vacuum cleaner, you need to know about different filtration systems. The most commonly chosen system is a HEPA filter that can capture bacteria and dirt. Some HEPA filters are reusable and need regular cleaning. Some devices also come with activated carbon filtration systems that are effective for controlling pollution of your indoor air.

Thus, the combination of these filters makes a device more functional.

Modern vacuum systems have UV lights that kill bacteria and pollen and remove dust. Now, you may raise a question- How do UV lights kill your bed bugs?

To say truly, UV lights detect bed bugs instead of directly killing them. Bugs always look for dark spots and avoid places that have light. Interestingly, the rays of UV light, hitting your bugs, generate a high amount of heat.

This heat will kill the small bugs in due course. Moreover, light rays may also force the bugs to run away. That is why lots of brands have used aUV lamp for designing their vacuum cleaner.

Look for these features while buying one of the best vacuum cleaners for bed bugs.

Why did we recommend those vacuums for bed bugs?

We have chosen vacuum cleaners of different brands while focusing on the diverse needs of customers. Most of these cleaners are from reputed brands ensuring superb quality and unquestionable performance. However, every product is best for its unique features.

Highest suction power

From an analysis of technical details, we have found that the suction rate (15Kpa) of Dibea UV808 is higher than most other products. Moreover, its high-frequency vibration has attracted the attention of several users.

Bagless and a battery-operated vacuum cleaner

Lots of potential vacuum cleaners search for bagless vacuum cleaning modes. For them, we have picked a product from Make Lemonade. This bagless model is easily cleanable, and it never throw back the dirt in air. Therefore, you will get a pollution-free and dirt-free environment.

Make Lemonade vacuum cleaner is also one of the best battery-operated products. Another reliable cleaner with rechargeable batteries is Housmile 810 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. You may check out the functionalities of these products to make the right choice.

The capacity of dust

It is another factor important for buyers. We have checked out the size of dust collectors of different vacuum cleaners. Dibea UV808 has a dustbin with a capacity of 500ml. From our vacuum cleaner reviews, we have found that the standard size of most of the bins is 400ml. You may also find a dust collector of smaller sizes.

Uniqueness in the cleaning mechanism

As you are going to buy a vacuum cleaner, the cleaning capacity is always your priority. RAYCOP LITE vacuum cleaner is a distinguished product due to the use of RayClean Technology. This specialized technology blends potentials of UV light, pulsating pads, optimized suction, and HEPA filter.

Some of our products are versatile, while others are designed only for removing bugs. You have to identify your needs to invest in the best vacuum cleaner.

Why should you buy vacuums from Amazon?

Tech-savvy shoppers always love shopping for their products online. However, this digital world has lots of platforms for potential buyers. You may find these vacuum cleaners for bed bugs on other eCommerce sites. Still, we have chosen Amazon for the most obvious reasons.

Let’s find out why we have listed all our products from Amazon.

A good opportunity of knowing customers’ views

As Amazon has attracted lots of buyers, we can analyze their reviews of different products. Surely, every vacuum cleaner has pros and cons, and we have identified them after reading customers’ comments.

Moreover, a product with the highest ratings signifies the fact that it is most useful and popular to the users. We have reviewed every vacuum cleaners based on the views of genuine users.

An easy option of comparing products

When you have chosen a vacuum cleaner of your preferred brand, Amazon suggests you similar other products. You will also find a comparison of their prices, customer ratings, and other details.

Thus, Amazon makes it easier for you to decide on the right product and make a deal. Still, you can read our comprehensive reviews to have a better understanding of a vacuum cleaner.

Get a chance to buy from the best seller

As Amazon is one of the biggest shopping platforms, you can find your chosen product, sold by different sellers. Of course, it may cause a slight difference in the price rates of a definite product.

You can buy the most affordable one to save money on your deal.

A few questions and answers on every product

It is one of the advantages of using Amazon. You can find a list of questions raised by different customers. You will also get answers to those queries and solve your issues on the product.


Does every vacuum for bed bugs include a HEPA filtration system?

You may have checked the list of our vacuum cleaners for eliminating allergens and bed bugs. You will find that most of those cleaners come with a removable HEPA filter. Although there is a difference in the design of these cleaners, the HEPA filter is a very common component for them. This highly functional filter can remove the mites and bed bugs while keeping the air free of dust.

How often should you vacuum clean your bed and mattresses to prevent bug infestation problem?

Regular vacuuming is the best option to get results within a few weeks. Your vacuuming process will make sure that it has removed bugs and their eggs from fabrics and other surfaces. Moreover, you can keep away from pollutants and dirt. As you use the cleaner every day, you can prevent bugs from infesting your home again. What’s more, you can maintain hygiene in your rooms.

Can the small bugs get out of your vacuum?

The vacuum hose may cause these bugs to save their lives. Thus, you must clean the system to remove those bugs and prevent their escape.

Does the vacuuming process ensure a permanent solution of bed bugs?

Vacuuming is one of the effective processes to keep your home free of bed bugs. The air emitted from the cleaner creates a force that helps to killthe bugs and mites. However, although some bugs may survive, you may empty the cleaner. Thus, removing the bugs from a house becomes easy for you with an electronic device.

Nowadays, some vacuum cleaners also have UV technology intended for kills bugs and their eggs. Then, you can suction them into your cleaner and throw them away. In this way, vacuum cleaners ensure faster disposal of bed bugs and other microorganisms.

How will I check for the presence of bed bugs?

Before using your vacuum cleaners, you need to know whether there is an infestation of bed bugs and other mites in your home. Remove the clutter from every room and put on gloves to search for these bugs.

You may try to trace out bloodstains on mattresses and bed linens. It is also essential to check for the seams of your rugs. Have a closer look at the downside of your mattresses. For a better inspection, you must move your furnishings and identify the hidden bugs in wood pieces.

In some cases, bugs remain hidden in toys, curtains, pet beds, and wallpaper. Always focus on all these things to ensure a proper cleaning process.


Buying the premium vacuum for bed bugs is now easy with our comprehensive guide. You may have identified the sites susceptible to bug infestation. Now, you can buy a vacuum cleaner to remove those bugs and allergens.

The high-tech vacuum with an amazing performance will suck in the dead skin and allergens. As you have cleaned your mattresses and beddings, you can enjoy a sound sleep. You will not find the signs of bug bites and other problems.

Vacuum cleaners will also keep your indoor air clean and dirt-free.

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