Concrete Drill Tacklife Hammer Drill with 620in

Concrete Drill Tacklife Hammer Drill with 620in-lb/70N.m Torque

Concrete Drill Tacklife Hammer Drill with 620in

Product Details:

The Tacklife Hammer Drill with 620in-lb is one of the best concrete drills that you will get in the market. There are a lot of features in the product that makes it such a great one.

The 20+1+1 position clutch is one of the most prominent features of this product. The 20+1+1 torque setting will provide precise control to help the user drive screws in and out.

It will also prevent stripping. With this fantastic drilling hammer, drilling in the woods will become more comfortable than ever.

Use this excellent drilling hammer to drill into woods, ceramic, metal, plastic, drywall, or wherever needed. You can also drill in concrete with these amazing drilling hammers.

The high torque variable speed with MAX 70 N.m torque and variable speed that comes in only 4 pounds is the handiest feature of this great lightweight drilling machine.

The 2 variable speeds from 0-510RPM, and 0-1800RPM will provide optimized torque for the robust fastening, and the 1800 RPM for the fast and efficient power drilling is another fantastic feature of the product.

Here are some excellent features of the product below:

Top features:

  • 20+1+1 Position clutch torque setting will provide precise control to drive screws in both ways.
  • The higher torque variables with fantastic 70 N.m torque and variable speeds are two other best features.
  • The fantastic product is lightweight, and anyone can use it in their convenience
  • The tremendous two-speed variables for optimized torque and efficient power drilling will help the users big time
  • The fantastic lightweight drilling machine will help you to get the highest order precision. It is also very comfortable for the users.
  • The drill tool with the clear liquid and the horizontal bubble will efficiently make a drill wherever you need.
  • The fantastic drilling package will include PID04A hammer drill, 3* twist drills for the steel plates and a lot more.

Why should you buy this product?

There are various reasons to buy this fantastic product. The fantastic package will include PID04A hammer drill with three* twist drills for steel plates.

There are some outlandish features such as this lightweight tool that provides excellent precision and efficiency while working.

You can use this fantastic lightweight product to drill in anywhere, from woods to concrete, from ceramic to metal. This fantastic and handy lightweight drill machine will help you to get max 70N.m speed variables.

The double speed variable is another excellent feature that has also drawn attention from the experts. Here some pros and cons of the product for you.


  • The High torque and the speed variable
  • Lightweight drilling machine with astonishing max 70N.m torque
  • A highly precise product that is also comfortable for the users
  • Highly flexible, can drill in wood, metal, concrete, ceramic, plastic
  • The package includes PID04A Hammer Drill with 3* Twist Drills for steel plate, 3* construction drills for cement


  • No such cons found.

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