EUREKA 4239AZ Comfort Clean Cord Rewind Vacuum Cleaner Review


My review and perspective on model: 4239AZ vacuum cleaner
This is the EUREKA 4239AZ Comfort Clean Cord Rewind Vacuum Cleaner Review please check the reviews page for a comparison of other vacuum cleaners.

This is honestly one of my favorite vacuum cleaners under $1,000 I know, that’s a wide range of vacuum cleaners right? So you say to yourself what makes it so good? Well, other than the fact that I think that it looks like crapola it’s actually a great little vacuum.

Aesthetics aside (because let us face it, that’s an opinion and everyone has their own when it comes to what they are looking for) you get a powerful package for just over $100. I would purchase this Eureka over the Dyson DC33 any day.

Now for what makes it so nice, let’s start with the handle, you may not think about “handle performance” very much when you vacuum but it is constantly there. Let’s face it none of us are built the same, which is why this vacuum cleaner comes with an adjustable handle to fit you how you like!

It is also an ergonomic METAL handle, you don’t find metal handles at this price range anymore, and even though the telescopic pole goes into a plastic case it adds a level of durability unheard of in the range under $400 which is saying a lot.

If you’re not convinced already we’ve only covered the handle of this $120 vacuum cleaner, and it has already far exceeded the expectations of this price range.

Next, we are going to take a look at the cleaning tools that come with it. Other than my 15-year-old Kirby (that is still running better than any vacuum cleaner you can buy on the market today) there is only one tool that I use around the house, and that is a suction powered handheld tool like what comes with the EUREKA 4239AZ Comfort Clean vacuum cleaner.

The tool I have cost $75 by itself, it’s a little bit wider, has a wooden brush roll, and is somewhat more robust in construction… but the one that comes with your EUREKA 4239AZ Comfort Clean still just about doubles the value of your machine.

The design is such that it is powered by suction, the brush roll is driven by a heavy-duty belt with teeth so it never slips, never breaks, and since it is powered by suction it will allow the brush roll to stop if it is caught instead of destroying the unit.

These air-powered tools are invaluable, I’ve installed $5,000 central vacuum systems that have motors larger than this entire vacuum cleaner that leaves dirt behind because they do not agitate the carpet, spreading the carpet fibers to allow the suction to do its job and pick up the dirt buried deep down. Anyone with stairs in their homes will LOVE this unit.

Then you have the auto-rewind cord feature.

This is one of those some love it, some hate it features. Personally, as a vacuum repair shop owner, I love this feature. Why do you say? Because NOBODY and I means nobody, not even those who own $1,500 Kirby’s wraps their vacuum cord up properly. This feature ensures a proper cord wrap that you don’t have to worry about!

Alright, so we’ve far surpassed the expectations of a little $120 unit, so now for some ugly news. The EUREKA 4239AZ Comfort Clean is, as can obviously be seen in the picture, a dirt cup style vacuum cleaner. For some this is great, for others you’ll hate it as it can be a real mess to empty out.

On one side you’ll never have to buy vacuum bags with this machine, on the other side you may have to empty the cup outside to keep from spreading the dirt back into your home that you just cleaned.

Ever since Eureka purchased Sanitaire (the commercial vacuum cleaner company)

The quality of Eureka machines has been kept top-notch. And for $120 you won’t find a more durable machine… unfortunately that’s not to say that this machine will come even close to keeping up with say an Oreck Pilot in terms of longevity.

The case is still rather flimsy plastic, and the brush roll is also plastic. This will significantly decrease the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner. However, with a gentle hand, and a good vacuum service technician in your area you potentially could keep this vacuum cleaner for several years to come.

Some will also have an issue with the lack of sealing power to this machine. Not saying that it will blow dust when you first purchase it, but most of the connections that dirt travels through are plastic to plastic and will wear over time.

And it does not have a HEPA filter, shouldn’t be a problem for most people, as HEPA is mostly an overpriced hype show to tag one more “certification” onto a vacuum cleaner and get you to pay more money for something that will make little or no noticeable difference in real-world applications.

Model: 4239AZ Product Description

Bagless upright with a telescopic handle which reduces strain and offers a comfortable clean with adjustable height for each user. Automatic Cord Rewind. Foot-controlled height adjustment with control floor settings. Dispose of dust and dirt easily in one no-hassle, quick flip. Clean to the very edge of baseboards where dirt collects. This unit comes equipped with a 25-feet cord, cleaning tools, and wide stretch clear hose.

Product Features

  • Automatic CORD REWIND
  • Bagless upright
  • Telescopic comfort-grip handle
  • Edge cleaners
  • Flip bottom dust cup

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