ENEACRO 1-1/4 inch SDS-Plus 12 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill

ENEACRO 1-1 4 inch SDS-Plus 12

Product Details:

The ENEACRO 1-1/4 inch SDS-plus 12 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill is another great drilling machine that comes with a very potent motor. Not only that, the 6ft. /lbs impact energy will efficiently complete the metal and concrete working projects with precision and efficiency.

The fantastic drilling machine with dissipation motor and the anti-dust bottom structure makes it easier to work with this excellent drilling machine.

There are four different functions of this great drilling machine. You can use these drilling machines to drill, hammer, chisel, and hammer drill too.

There are varieties of working scenarios in which you can switch the functionality of this drilling machine.

The safety clutches of this fantastic drilling machine will guarantee the safety of the user while using this machine. There are many outlandish features of this drilling machine.

If the hammer opts for the maximum torque force, the safety system of the hammer might get triggered to stop the hammer.

In that case, you should remove the drill and switch the red function button situated on the left side of the machine to restart the device.

Here are some of the top features of the product

Top features:

  • The mighty and potent motor comes with 12Amp
  • The fantastic drilling machine has different functionality
  • The safety clutch option will assure user safety
  • There are different switch buttons to change the functionality of the product
  • Drilling capacity of the product is another fantastic feature
  • The safety mechanism is very efficient

Why should you opt for this product?

There are various reasons to opt for this fantastic drilling machine. If you are looking for one of the best drilling machines for your metal or concrete drilling project, you may not find a product safer than this in the market.

There are various reasons that people are opting for this product. The safety mechanism has attracted the experts towards it. Because the product will shut down every time, the torque-speed hits the maximum speed. This fantastic product can be used for different functions.

There are four different fantastic functions of this drilling machine. You can easily switch the functionality of the machine in between, drill, chisel, hammer and hammer drill functions.

This makes working with this fantastic drill easier. The drilling capacity of this drill machine is another fantastic advantage of using this machine.

The maximum drilling diameter for concrete is 1-1/4 inch, and for metal, it is 1/ 2 inches. The idling speed is 820 RPM. The maximum impact frequency is 4200bpm for this machine. This fantastic machine with robust power is all you need for your professional as well as homely usages.

Here are some pros and cons to this product.


  • There are four different functions you can switch between as per your convenience
  • Fantastic drilling capacity in both metal and concrete
  • The safety clutch option guarantees user safety
  • The machine comes with a 12-month warranty card with the reliability of ENEACRO


  • There is no extension to the drill. You have to order a bit longer drill if you need that.

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