Hammer Drill

Hammer Drill, 4.5A Corded Drill GALAX PRO Impact Drill

Hammer Drill

Product Details:

This is one of the best products with the 2 in 1 function that includes both the hammer and drill in this device. So, it is called both the hammer drill and the impact drill.

According to your task, you can switch the button on the top to select a hammer and drilling function. The hammer function is to help the user to drill in concrete.

The drilling function for drilling holes in wood and steel plates. However, this fantastic hammer Drill cannot be used in reinforced concrete walls. A 4.5amp motor powers the high-performance drilling capacity of this fantastic hammer drill.

This makes this drill suitable for any of your simple tasks. You can use this hammer drills on wood, concrete, and even in steel plates.

This device has a no-load speed of 3000RPM. The maximum drilling capacity of this fantastic device is for woods, it is 25mm, for steel, it is 13mm, and 13mm for concrete too.

Here are some of the top features of the product.

Top features:

  • This is a fantastic device that acts like a hammer and a drill according to the user’s convenience
  • It is a very high-performance drilling machine that will help you to drill even in concrete
  • This machine is one of the most fantastic devices that you can get on the website
  • It has a high drilling capacity
  • This drilling machine is equipped with the tremendous sturdy and durable chuck
  • This is drill is suitable for varieties of drill bits
  • These drills are firm, and they are also non-slippery

These were some of the top features of the website. Now:

Why should you opt for this product?

There are various reasons to opt for this product. This fantastic product provides incredible efficiency in homely usages.

The 1/ 2” Keyed chuck and depth gauge is equipped with excellent equipment that makes it one of the handiest drills for homely usages. It comes with fantastic chucks for quick and easy changes in the drill bits. This fantastic product is very lightweight.

The ergonomic feature of this product is another fantastic feature that you will not get in many high-quality drills in the market — the 360-degree auxiliary ergonomic handle that comes with anti-slip functions for better control of the drills.

The lock-on button that comes with a reverse switch is another fantastic feature. The lock-on button helps the user to keep the machine continually running, whereas the reverse switch will provide convenience to the product.

Here are the pros and cons of the product


  • The product is very lightweight and ergonomic
  • The product is perfect for homely usages
  • The lock-on button will help in repeating operations
  • The reverse button is for user convenience.
  • The product comes with 24 months warranty


  • Although it is perfect for homely usages, it is difficult to use it in professional fields

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